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Ball Field Lighting

parking lot lighting

Morrill Electric is a regional leader in installing and maintaining any lighting for sports stadiums and ball fields. We have worked with various towns and cities in the Essex county in providing electrical services for events like local Little Leagues and high school sports games.

Parking Lot Pole Lighting

parking lot lighting

We also specialize in residential and commercial parking lot pole lighting installation and repair services. Outdoor pole lighting will enhance visibility during the long New England weather not only in the parking lot but we also install pole lighting for sidewalks, parks, and streets.





Concerned about Power Outages?

Enjoy Automatic Power Protection
with a Generator





Example of a
Whole House Generator System and Service

1. Pick Up and Deliver One (1)10 KW Generac Generator

2. Install Stone Dust Pad for Generator to Sit On

3. Set Generator in Place

4. Install Ten (10) Circuit Emergency Power Panel

5. Install Emergency Power Service Conductors

6. Install Ten (10) Circuit Automatic Transfer Switch

7. Install Control Wiring

8. Provide Battery and Trickle Charge Unit

9. Load Test Generator After Installation

10. Review Generator Installation and Operation with Home Owner

11. Return After One Month Break In Period to Change Oil in Generator